About RIE

The Reimagine Education (RIE) series is a thought leadership programme led by the African Leadership University, to have open dialogues about the current state and future of education in Africa. Individual events are usually held online or in person and seek to bring together educators, experts in education, counsellors, discerning future students and all other stakeholders in the high school education industry.

The Reimagine Education Roundtable is the latest in the series, inviting all relevant stakeholders in the education industry in Kenya to have an open dialogue & to explore one key question: ”How can schools better prepare students for the 21st Century?


Date: 23rd  September, 2023

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel - Nairobi, Kenya

Objectives of RIE

We shall explore the future of Africa & the profound impact of education on this future 

  • How are we developing future problem solvers in our institutions?
  • What’s next after high school?  Are you preparing your students for Africa’s Grand Opportunities?  
  • Integrating missions and connecting educators to the Grand Challenges and opportunities for Africa 

Who is it for?





What are the Benefits of RIE

The ReImagine Education Roundtable Kenya promises to be a one-of-a-kind event that offers attendees the opportunity to:


Radisson Blu Hotel - Nairobi, Kenya